The Southwold 80’s Wedding // Amy + Leighton

Southwold Wedding

I’m hyped to show you this one, something a little (a lot) different on the blog.  Let’s take ourselves back to the 1980’s for Amy and Leighton’s vibrant and fun wedding and embrace everything that made it good!  The music in all its untamed glory provided by The Avi80r’s fused with the wonderfully bright and unashamedly brash colours of the decade brings all of those flavours home.  Amy and her crew started early with a dip in the Sea before joining up with Leighton and the rest of the wedding party at the The Electric Picture Palace.  The wedding ceremony took place up on stage before a cascade of confetti engulfed them on the way outta there.  We then took a wander across to The Southwold Rugby Club to take in the rest of the shenanigans.  I did not want this day to end at all!  Have a gander through, the absolute best of times all the way.

Shout-out’s = Venue = Southwold Electric Picture Palace and the Southwold Rugby Club //  Band = The Avi80rs //  Fodder = Smokin’ Grill Guy  //

How’s that then for doing it your own way?  Hat’s off to ya Amy = Leighton, you totally pulled it off!

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