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The Chateau Lagorce Wedding // Leeanna + Tom

Chateau Lagorce Wedding

Perhaps once or twice a year I’m able to travel a little further for a wedding and this year I flew out to the South of France for Leeanna and Tom’s wonderful Summer wedding day.  Set amongst the ripe vineyards of the Bordeaux region lies Chateau Lagorce, a family owned 15th century castle converted into a chateau.  I first met Leeanna + Tom at another wedding that I shot a few years ago (shout-out to Tim + Ellen!) and it was cool seeing a few of the same faces arrive for this incredible wedding.  Tim actually conducted the ceremony out here too, and it added a real intimate element to the day when you have friends who are confident enough to pull that feat off.  And that evening light – wow – if you get lucky and it works it’s glow across the vineyards it can make for something a little bit special.  So, hats off to Leeanna + Tom, you did it guys = an absolutely sensational day in the south of France, never to be forgotten!  Here’s some of what I witnessed…

Venue = Chateau Lagorce  //  Band = Groove Empire //  Musicians = Steve Davey & Tristan Collins  //

Day 1 = Evening chills ‘n’ spills at Chateau Lagorce

Day 2 = Wedding day at Chateau Lagorce!

So that’s what a wedding at the mesmerising Chateau Lagorce looks like!  Damn good fun.  Leeanna + Tom absolutely embraced every single minute of it all and it was amazing being a part of it all with them.  Love out to all that I met at this super cool wedding, y’all brought the magic to the party xo

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