The Best of 2023

Best of Wedding Photos

Twenty23 was everything that I hoped it would be – another vintage year, full of personality and excitement.  Wherever I’ve been, I’ve followed the action and been a part of some glorious weddings days across the land.  It’s been one hell of a ride!

I love the look of 80’s and 90’s flash and the nostalgia it brings so I’ve been pushing that to see where it takes me.  I’ve experimented with old photography techniques and come up with some new ideas too – which I can’t wait to bring to my 2024 weddings and beyond.  I’ve kept a flow of animated GIF’s within my work which I think helps to bring a bit of extra sparkle to my couples galleries.

I also finally joined the 600+ couples that I’ve photographed in the past and completed my own wedding journey with my Gigi – we headed out to Las Vegas in late November to have Elvis sing us through our ceremony (pics on my insta) before having an outrageously fun party back home.

A big thank you to everybody that I met throughout the past 12 months – from my fellow wedding suppliers to the wonderful couples that book me for their wedding day and allow me to continue doing my dream job.  So here’s my round-up, a loud-n-proud collection of non-scripted things that happened right in front me.

2023… it’s been everything that I wished it to be 🙂

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