Yeah, you got it. That’s how most people would describe my style of photography and I’m cool with that. I follow the action and keep it real with a docu-style.

Totally. Zero fixed grins, no posing, negative cheese. For me, it’s all about people being people, people being themselves. One of the best things about my job is all the different characters that I get to meet along the way. Loud, quiet, wild, shy, adventurous, reserved – these wonderful personalities will all help to bring your wedding day to life!

Well, that’s a tough one because they are all wonderfully unique in their own little ways. However one thing that they all have in common is that they all seem to focus on the important stuff about weddings – the people! And that’s cool, because that’s how I shoot too.

It’s so easy to overcomplicate these things but in all honesty, the weddings that I’m at work like this; a chilled wedding day bubbling up swiftly into a cracking party.

Yeah, of course, my focus is on the people but I always shoot the paper origami flamingos, flowers, cake etc as I understand how much work has gone into it all. I pretty much shoot it all tbh 🙂

Most weddings that I shoot ask for a few formal groups to be taken and I totally get why brides and grooms ask for them, it’s not for them but more for their parents and grandparents who kinda expect them. I get it – I’ve got kids and perhaps one day I shall want that same shot with them! No problem. A good number of group shots is between 5-10 but it’s your call.

A full day’s coverage. 12 hours however you guys want it. Typically I’m there from about 10am – 10pm. From the morning preps all the way through the carnage on the dance floor. Don’t worry if it slips over 12 hours though (I’m not a clock-watcher like that) – if stuff is going down then I’ll be there for it!

Just get in touch and I’ll see if I still have availability on your date. if I do then hopefully we can meet-up over a cuppa or a beer at your choice of Norfolk location or arrange a video call instead. After having a chat about your exciting wedding plans a then it’s up to you. Zero pressure.

If we’ve got to this point (yay!) and you wish to crack on with a booking then I’ll send you across some details about booking me. It’s all pretty simple though, I’ll ask for a few details, send you my deposit details (£300) and away we go.

Nope! My price (which can be found under the Info tab) for travel within the UK is all-inclusive.

Hell yeah! I love travel and photography – it’s why I was a photographer in the Royal Navy. Hook me up and I’ll see if I still have availability.

In various guises for about 22 years now! 12 years of this time was spent as a photographer in the Royal Navy before leaving the Forces to put my focus on weddings. 600+ weddings down the line, I can tell you that I’m still doing my dream job!

I always take my own food on the day and will typically nip away for 15 minutes whilst you and your guests are tucking into your wedding meal main course. If you wish to provide me with something to eat that would of course be fantastic (no dietary requirements, I love all food) – I would never say no, but please don’t feel that you have to!

I’m always looking sharp at the weddings I’m at as I like to get involved and completely fit in with your wedding day.

Always a bit of a worry for brides and grooms across the land but it doesn’t have to be! Some of my favourite shots have been taken in wet, windy conditions. I can tell you now from experience that my couples 100% do not care on the day. To get out in any bad weather you just need little 10-minute breaks in the rain, a pair of wellies, a brolly and a spirited attitude!

I do not limit the amount of photos that I take on the day. I just keep shooting. After your day you will typically have 1000+ fully edited, completely different shots from a full day’s coverage to look back on.

I totally geddit. You probably want some nice pics of you together but also don’t want to be away from your party for too long either! FOMO is real haha! I typically ask for 15 mins of your time during the day and perhaps another 10 toward sunset. I keep it real – and defo won’t be asking you to hold each other in a weird way etc etc! Be who you are guys, whatever that may be 🙂

You won’t be waiting for months to see your pics with me. After a few days I’ll try and get as small selection of previews out to you. And then after 2 – 3 weeks post-wedding date I’ll have your full gallery finished and ready to view. At that point I shall drop you a message, sending you the link to your fully-downloadable, password-protected online gallery. And I’ll be keeping your wedding galleries on there for at least 2 years after your wedding date too!

Yes absolutely! Share and show your guests! Your online wedding gallery is password protected but please feel free to pass on that link and password to whoever you wish.

Absolutely. I carry full public liability insurance which covers pretty much any eventuality. I have never, ever needed to use it for anything with the 600+ weddings that I have shot but it’s all there to give you piece of mind.

My pleasure! Any other Q’s just holla via my contact form and I’ll get back to you pronto.

Sound good?