Hola, I'm Luis.

Who I Am

Combining two loves – travel and photography – I picked a pretty obscure way into taking photos for a living.  In my previous life I sailed the seven seas for 12 years as a photographer in the Royal Navy.

I’m still often out and about on the water.  I live close to the Norfolk Broads and not far from the calming beaches of North Norfolk – me and my pups are always getting soaked in the kayak.

My spotify is always on.  I enjoy both old and new tunes.  Any genre.  Tears For Fears, Joy Division, Gorillaz, KLF, maybe a bit of Bruce Springsteen – all the way through to Fred Again, Patrick Topping, Skrillex.  I turn it up loud and edit away.

I’m not a great dancer but I’ll be getting down on the dance-floor with y’all.  I’ve actually lost the ability to dance without holding a camera though.  If I’m without one my arms just flail about beside my body.

I like keeping fit - I occasionally beast my Peleton and I love a game of football.  I’ve got one trick (the rainbow kick – which I’ve never used in a proper game).

I’m actually doing what I always wanted to do.  I know that sounds like gloating (sorry!) but the nailed-on truth is that I love shooting weddings.  I mean, proper love it.  Good job really – there is no Plan B (as I learnt from the covid years!).

So that’s a little bit about me.

I hope it hasn’t put you off too much - honesty is the best policy 😉


meet my lovely family



They are my backbone, my constant source of happiness.

We are a reflection of the people who surround us. I'm proud and honored to have these 3 amazing creatures as part of my life.




My daughter

My son

My fiancé

the reality + the randomness


My Approach


the highlights + out-takes

I shoot the reality and the randomness. The highlights and the out-takes. The beautiful stuff and the belly-ache laughs. The wedding days that I go to seem to focus on people having a great time and the modern + authentic style that I shoot in reflects these wonderfully bombastic wedding days.


told in a docu-style