2022 – The Out-Takes

So this is the ‘out-takes’.  A curveball, leftfield look at the previous 12 months.  The reality of a wedding day – raw ‘n’ raucous – it’s all here.  The colourful characters and wonderful people that I meet – you guys absolutely bring the energy and fun to these wedding days.  So a big cheers to all those that feature here, you are the guys and girls that bring the glitter to the ball!

As you can see, I’ve had an absolute blast over the last year.  My couples are cool, they focus on people having a good time (top tip: make sure of an abundance of alcohol) and that’s the best ethos to have.  That’s me in the middle there of that last shot, with my dancing partners for the night.  Thnak you to all that feature – absolute stars, the lot of you!

Check out my ‘Best of 2022’ over here if you want to use up some more of your mobile data 😉

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