2021 – The Out-Takes

My Out-Takes post always has me smiling as I piece it together each year.

As a wedding photographer I get to see a wedding day from all sides – front and centre during some of the key moments – but also a behind-the-scenes look it all too. And some of the stuff that I get to see is beautifully bizarre and gloriously unique. And the best thing about it – well, none of this is planned, nor staged in any way. It’s just life happening. Wonderful and hilarious people being wonderful and hilarious people.

I have to also thank all that feature here – the guys and gals in this post are usually the life and soul of the wedding party. Keep being you guys! And providing me with this quirkier look at a wedding day!

That’s me in the middle on that last frame;  I have an unreal time at the weddings I’m at and occasionally I get myself caught up in the maelstrom of it all too haha.

Thanks to all that feature in this post, keep being you people!

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